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 Totally Regular Show! [Forum Rules - PLEASE READ]

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Totally Regular Show! [Forum Rules - PLEASE READ] Empty
PostSubject: Totally Regular Show! [Forum Rules - PLEASE READ]   Totally Regular Show! [Forum Rules - PLEASE READ] I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 22, 2010 3:47 pm

The TRS Staff

[Annie] - Omg, you're saying who is Annie? She's the forum founder of this website! You'll mainly go to her for questions or ask her for help via PM if you need anything. You will be warned. If you're a Regular Show or a Spongebob hater, then she'll hate you forever.

[Coconut] - He's Mr. Coconut from Total Drama Island! Mmm... Coconuts are delici- er, never mind. He's also an admin, so you can also go to him if you need help.

[Manderz] - Manderz is a talented graphic maker! She's the third admin on the site, and she made the forum banner, so give her some respect!

If you haven't seen the forum rules yet, then here they are. All members (and staff) will abide by these rules and must respect it. If you don't agree, either request to be deleted or simply do not join. These rules apply in the whole forum, and they tend to change without further notice. If you see a member breaking one of the rules, report the post and tell us what rule you think they broke.

No Spamming
Spamming can get annoying. Don't spam up the boards with nonsense posts/one-worded posts (unless you're playing a game). We must keep the forum clean and keep at least all messages three words or more. That way, all posts are meaningful and actually contributing. Some ways of spamming are listed below.

SPAM includes:

- the sole purpose of advertising your site (please only advertise in the board provided)
- stating that you've reached a certain number of posts and decide to make a topic about it (these types of threads will be deleted)
- telling others that it's your first undelined word, your first poll, etc. no one cares.

So please, always follow this rule.

No Profane Material
This is a family-friendly forum, and if your avatar or siggy is a picture that'll break this rule, please refrain from using it and choose a more, appropriate pic for you to enjoy using. Profane material is gore, violence and nudeness. Any kind of this material will be removed at it will result in a permanent ban of that user.

No Character/Ship Bashing
Don't insult characters or ships you don't like. This is called character/ship bashing and you will be almost hated everywhere and you won't have any friends if you do so. Remember, YOU may not like MordecaixMargaret, but to them, it's the perfect pair. Don't bother joining this forum if you're just going to bash the characters of Regular Show. We'd suggest you leave now, because you will be banned as soon as possible.

No Multi-Accounting
Members get banned quickly by doing this. Alts are not permitted on this forum. You will learn to stick with one account, since your IPs are logged with me. You are responsible for anything held under your account.

Use Proper Grammar/Spelling
No one likes posts that are hard to understand. Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation so that your post is actually easy to read. Also, no talking like $33 U L@T3R. Talk normally, and you will be respected most of the time.

No Fighting
If someone is giving you a problem, contact a staff member via PM. Don't let that rude person get to you -- we'll deal with it. Just don't go around arguing out in the public embarassing yourselves. Ignore him/her for now until the problem gets solved.

You Decide Yourself
Now to cover everything here, you must decide your own rules. Yes, what does this mean? It means, if you are doing something that may not be in the rules and me and other users believe it's worth a ban, then it will be done. You know what's right and wrong yourself, try to figure it out.

Choose Appropriate Usernames
Your username must be family-friendly (there's that word again!), and yes, I won't allow usernames to have bad words in them, or usernames that include inappropriate words in them. For example, if you choose a username like this one: "regularshowisstupid" or any username that insults a character or anything else about Regular Show, I will delete you. This is a Regular Show fansite, after all. Yes, I'm a strict fan.

Have Fun!
Remember the first rule of the forum: we're all here to have fun. If you're not a fan nor like this forum, please don't bother visiting again.

Stay On Topic
Sometimes, we may get off topic in some threads. At most times, please stay on topic and stick to the discussion. If your topic is about "your favorite Regular Show character" or something, all posts must be contributing. Don't get off topic and change the subject. It's not about you going to a birthday party.

All Threads Go Into the Correct Boards
Post all topics that belong in their correct boards. It can get really tiring for admins if they have to move threads all the time.

No Post/Topic Flooding
It's fine to post on the forum, of course, but you simply can't reply to every post in just a second or less. Don't just start a thread simply because an idea came in your head, or just post a lot after the last person posted. Post/topic flooding can severly become annoying, and then the staff will send you a notification about this by PM. Please refrain from post/topic flooding as so. Only post when you have something meaningful or contributing to say.

If you don't like Regular Show, then there's no point in you for joining. This forum is recommended for Regular Show fans so we could all enjoy each others' company.


No religious/political discussions
Discussing religious/political with other members may offend others. We won't allow those types of discussions.

Use only English
English is the only language to be used in forum discussions. This website is geared toward English-speaking Regular Show fans, and is hosted in an English-speaking country. While international members are more than welcome, English must be used in all forum discussions.

No name changing
If you'd like to change your name, please contact an admin via PM. If you keep changing your name all the time, we may not know no longer who you are. It's best to pick one name (be creative) and stick with it. However, if you made a mistake in your username -- like a typo, you're free to PM an admin, and they'll be glad to change it for you. Once you have your name changed, tell us what it is by making a topic in the Cafe Corner area so we still know who you are.

No post stealing
Like plagiarism, don't steal someone else's post and call it your own if you're posting in the forum. One member can tell if it's their post and they can tell who it belongs to. No post-stealing unless it's your own.

Don't join just to take part in the off topic section
This forum is for discussing Regular Show. We expect you to post in the Regular Show-related boards.

No Triple Posting or More
Sometimes triple posting or more can get annoying, especially if the third post has nothing to add. I will allow double posting, but avoid triple posting -- unless you're Rachel, you can triple post or more, but you're not. So don't even think about it.
However; you're free to triple post or more if you have your own fan art/fan fiction thread. But don't post multiple times just to raise your post count. After you've posted three times, wait for a member to reply. Then three again, etc.

Duplicate Topics
Before you start making a thread in any board, make sure there isn't already a similar one. These are called duplicates -- mostly the same threads that have the same ideas. In making sure one doesn't exist yet, check on every page or just use the search query. All duplicate topics will be locked, and we'll give you the link to the existing topic.

As for swearing, I will allow it. Just be reasonable. But words like gay, cocksucker, faggot, retard, nigger (No offense intended) will not be tolerated.

Red is more serious than yellow. Orange is the golden rule. If it is the yellow rule that you broke, you will get a warning and will be given three chances. But if you're not better after that, you'll be banned for a short period of time. Not permanent, just so you'd learn your lesson. If it's the red rule that you broke, you'll be banned permanently right off the bat. If it's the green rule that you broke, we just expect you to behave properly and act more mature, but sometimes green can lead to concequences.

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Totally Regular Show! [Forum Rules - PLEASE READ]
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