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 Im a monster :c

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'Ello Gov'nor

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Im a monster  :c Empty
PostSubject: Im a monster :c   Im a monster  :c I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 4:22 am

So, I killed him.

Explanation time!
So, as you might have already guessed, (or already know *cough* CF *cough*) I am a Cellist, not my character, Me, as in reality, So, Back to the subject, It was a windy day, and i was on my way to my cello lessons, and i got there eary, so i decided to wait on a bench outside for the teacher, so, as i always did, i put my cello next to the bench standing (it was inside the Case) and i took out my cellphone to put on so music while i waited, THAT, That was a BIG mistake, it turns out that as i looked away from the cello and to my cellphone, the wind blew a bit strong, strong enough to tumble and fall, and it was quite a fall for him, one would thing though "Oh it's in it's case, its allright", but you see when it fell down i heard a noise from inside, he did bounce quite a bit, so i decided to open the case and jjust have a look to make sure he was allright, so, as i open it i realized the bridge (the beige part that is pushing the strings outwards) had fallen down, so i thought to myself "No big deal, Camacho (the teacher) will be able to put it back in no time" so, in the mean time i decided to put it in a little compartment the case has wich was below the arm of the cello (We wouldnt want the cello to get scratched right?), so i grab the arm and raise it so i can place the pridge in that box and it turns out only the arm of the cello rose up, as in, by itself, yup, i broke it, the arm fell off the cello, so i panicked and waited for the teacher to come and well, help me out, he said he could fix it in a week or two, this happend a week ago and a half, on monday to be exact, this monday, i got my cello back <3 its fine now, the sound is still the same wich is utterly important, it does have the crack but it was glued together with a special glue and pressured for a few days so it would stick just fine, and i learned my lesson, just because he is in the case, that doesnt mean he cant brake, so, yeah im gonna be even more careful from now on with him, i wouldnt want to kill him again. D:

So, yeah i preatty much could have made this shorter, but i like drama and having you read long stuff, so yeah, SUFFER!
Haha, hope you had fun reading this and that you learned my lesson, always be careful around these instruments, and a little advice if you get one, NO ONE, and i mean ABSOLUTLEY NO ONE should EVER Borrow it.

So, with that im out for the time being, hope my lappy gets well soon so we can chat more often!
Cya guys, have fun! Smile

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Cool Dudes

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Im a monster  :c Empty
PostSubject: Re: Im a monster :c   Im a monster  :c I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 11:43 am

You're not a monster, accidents happen. But at least you got it fixed. :]

Oh & good to hear from you again ^^
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Im a monster :c
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