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 Regular Show fan character.

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PostSubject: Regular Show fan character.    Wed May 02, 2012 9:27 am

I just drew this recently. I'm going to write a fan fic for Regular Show. It's called New Girl in the Park. In this story, a pretty raccoon girl named Alana comes to work in the park, and Rigby developes a crush on her, much to Eileen's annoyance and disgust. Rigby is caught in a loooooove triiaaaaaaangle! It's sort of a romantic comedy with it's usual Regular Show craziness in the climax. Here's some info about Alana. She is from a different city, she's working to save money for art school to pursue her dream as a fashion designer. She is 23 years old, like Mordecai and Rigby. She is very hard working, much to Benson's relief, but she's also a video game lover like Mordecai and Rigby, and she also enjoys cartoons and anime. She has to wear glasses, which of course she hates. She has white fur, brown rings on her tail, and she dyed her hair blonde and red streaks and usually puts it in a pigtail. Her parents died in a plane crash when she was 13. Until she moved to the park she stayed with her aunt and uncle. She loves collecting snow globes, and she is very smart and intelligent. Below is a picture I drew of her. I might post other drawings in relation to this fan fic. If you want you can also look on my Deviant Art account. Thank you.

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Regular Show fan character.
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