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PostSubject: S'up?   Sat Dec 24, 2011 3:15 am

So, I'm a huuuuge fan of Regular Show (obviously or I wouldn't be here XD)

I love the whole atmosphere of the show. It's surreal, hilarious, and even heartwarming at times.
Also, whereas most shows like this tend to overexaggerate certain aspects of the characters, Regular Show manages to show different aspects of the characters without going too out of character. Thus, originally unlikeable characters became more likeable. Characters who could have constantly been at each other's throats have been shown to hold at least marginal respect for each other on occaision. No character is an angel all the time, and likewise no character is an a**hole all the time: Basically, the character and character -relationship development is what I most LOVE about Regular Show, as it is very uncommon in this type of cartoon. It is, dare I say, IRREGULAR! Go ahead, laugh with me!

Har ( It's a terrible pun, I know, just roll with it.) Patheticry

A bit about me. I have a youtube channel," jaderoseofchaos". I plan to upload some stuff within the next year. I haven''t uploaded anything worthwhile because I was without the proper resources for a few years. Expect some song covers in the near future, and some short cartoons in the far future. A very far future. Blame school.
(I am planning a Regular Show animatic, but I'm not promising anything. If I ever get to finishing it, I'll at least try to post the script.)

I sing, I draw, I write, I'm an ecclectic person. Maybe one day I'll become a Rennaissance women. Logic doesn't inhibit me, and I'm just so very special. Rolling Eyes

Who am I? I'm Spider--
I'm JadeRose. Pleased to meet you.

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