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 New Neighbor

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PostSubject: New Neighbor   Thu Dec 16, 2010 1:32 am




It was 6:15AM in Bikini Bottom and all the citizens were still sleeping in their homes. However, there was a fourth house placed on the far right next to Spongebob's home. A girl minnow fish was moving in. She was still awake.

Just then a Bikini Bottom Movers truck pulled up. Inside the trunk were boxes -- cardboard boxes varying in sizes full of furniture and personal belongings. A total of 3 people and the new resident were helping carrying the boxes in the new house. So originally that makes it 4. In about 25 minutes or so they were done.

"Well I believe that's the last of it, Debbie." said a fish named Tom. "Give us a call anytime if you ever need anything."

"Hey, thanks Tom. I appreciate the help. Could'nt have done without you."

"No problem. Just doing our job," Tom smiled. "Okay, boys, let's go."

The crew stepped in the vechile then drove away, making a sreeching sound.

Debbie went back towards her house. "Now I need to unpack all of this..." she muttered then shut the door behind her.

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New Neighbor
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